Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More family pictures!

Thanks Ashley for taking these cute pictures. I have seriously hired Ashley to do all my pictures! She is very talented with that camera of hers!

Bunch of good lookin' Johnson's!

          I am finally getting around to posting our family pictures that we all took at the reunion! 

 My family!

Lance, Mandy, and family.
Sandy, Perry, and family.

                                                          Karl, Karen, and family.

                                                       Ben, Casey, and family
                                                          Matt, Joy, and family
                                                    Morgan, Ashley, and family.
                                                             Lance, Karl, Ben, Joe
                                                              Sandy, Ashley, Joy
                                                                   Darlene, Dale

                     Family pic (missing Randy, Alicia, and their kids Wesley and Fredrick.)
                                                            Mom and Dad

         Here are some cute pics of my kids that others took. Thanks everyone for doing that!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Yesterday was Joe's 27th birthday. We had a great lunch with family and he honestly felt loved all day! Thanks everyone! Happy birthday hun! Your the best daddy and husband in this world!

Company picnic

Here are some pictures of us at my dads company picnic, it was at a farm in Carnation. The kids had a blast!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

M's game on independence day.

We had fun at the mariners game today with a bunch of good looking Johnson's (and Chantry's). The sun was out and it felt wonderful! Thanks mom and dad Johnson for the wonderful memories!!