Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Hair Cut!

I have had some mixed feelings about cutting Brady's hair. I have always felt that once I do it, He wont be my little baby anymore. Well I did it. I cut his hair! I think he is just as cute, he just looks a little older to me! Here are his before pictures!

And here is his after pic. Doesn't he look handsome?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wesley and Brady

Randy, Alicia, and Wesley came to visit us today! I was happy to get Brady and Wesley together to play. They never really get to see each other because they live in Utah (hopefully for not too long ;) Brady and Wesley had some time to get to know each other while we had a nice BBQ. Brady just wanted to grab/kick/slap Wesley.Hopefully next time they play Brady will be a little nicer to Wes! Here are some videos of the cute monkeys playing.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ashley & Morgan Wedding

My little sis-in-law became the new Mrs. Ashley Fillmore last Friday! Congratulations Morgan and Ashley!

We dressed Brady up in a cute 3 piece tux for the wedding. He looked so handsome!

Molly, Sydney, and Rebekah looked like beautiful brides! I really do have the cutest nieces!

Her cake was so cute! I love the colors they picked! Baby blue, black, and white.

The name is Johnson, Brady Johnson.

Little Wesley was so cute! Brady and Wes are only 5 weeks apart. We wish we were closer so Brady and Wes could have play dates!

Joe's immediate family
Back row: Karl, Joe, Ben, Lance, and Randy
Front row: Darlene, Dale, Ashley, Joy, and Sandy

Big family picture. I wish the whole family was in this picture!

The parents

Aunt Debbie, Brady, and Great Grandma Johnson. We were so happy to see Grandma there! she surprised us all!

Grandpa Howell holding Brady

The beautiful bride with Brady.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our 3 year anniversary

Exactly 3 years ago today Joe and I were married! The years really have flown by fast! Joe came home with these beautiful flowers and chocolate that he bought from a local florist. Joe and I celebrated our anniversary by going out to dinner at a nice steak house. this day couldn't have been any better.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Brady's Stats..

8 months

height: 28 inches 80%tile
Weight: 19 pounds 6 oz. 50%tile

still a tall skinny boy!

Family, Friends, and the beach : )

This past weekend has been a crazy one! Joe and I have been having fun with our friends Josh and Sam. Just last weekend we went bowling (us girls killed the boys), Drive-inn movies, Beaches, swimming, and basketball games at the park. My parents decided last minute that they needed to see Brady boy so they came up to join the fun!

Friday, August 7, 2009

screaming baby

He does this all day! crazy boy

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family BBQ at our house!

This last Friday a bunch of Joe's family came up to Whidbey Island to visit us and to see the beauty of Oak Harbor. It was fun having family at our home! Here is all who came over:
Mom Johnson
Lance(Joe's Brother), Mandi, Eathan, Sydney, and Anna
Karl(Joe's brother), Karen, Julia, and Audrey
Ben(Joe's Brother), Casey, Molly, William, and Henry
Joy(Joe's sister), Matt, and Sam
and of course Joe, Brady, and I
I wish everyone could have been there! We just needed Sandy's bunch, Randy's bunch, and Morgan and Ashley. Almost everyone will be at Ashley's wedding on Aug 21. I love big family gatherings!

Karen, William, Anna, Matt, and Mom just visiting
Our cat was following Matt around the yard. So funny!

Karl, Anna, Audrey, Julia, Molly, Henry, Eathan, Joy and William watching Ben play Guitar Hero.

Lance and Karl figuring out what time the Ferry leaves the Island.

More of watching Ben play.

Matt and Mandi. Something must be stuck up there.

Mom, Sam, Joy, and Casey.

Max, Joe, and Brady on Deception Pass

I took this picture from my car. The view off the bridge is breath taking!

Henry, Ben, William, Casey, and Molly posing for a cute picture on deception Pass.

Joe, Brady, and I went to my parents this weekend to spend more time with family. It was a fun weekend! Very hot but worth the drive to see family!