Monday, October 31, 2011

This deserves its own blog post

My father-in-law sleeping in the middle of a loud halloween party. He's the guy from the movie ” Up”. I might have peed my pants after I took this picture. I can't get over how funny this is.
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I visted Hell on Saturday.

So my friend Beth signed me up for this gladiator rock'n run. She bought me a ticket for my birthday and I though a little fun run would be great to do. This wasn't just a fun run. This was a nice trip to Hell and back, no joke I had to jump over fire. This "fun run" was 5 miles and 14 obstacles. Here are some obstacles I can think of that we did:

Up and down stadium bleachers..never ending bleachers. My legs were shaking and I really thought I was going to fall down them from the lack of strength keeping me from falling. This was one of the first obstacles and It was a doosie!!

We had to crawl through mud tunnels that had mud and water probably a foot high...I think I may have swallowed some mud..

Jumped over giant spools

Almost died on a tire mountain...I started to fall off face first, I had no strength to keep me from falling but at the last second I did a spin and landed on my feet. I saw my life flash before my eyes.

Huge mud slide. I was going at a good speed until this really big girl came and took me out. I was flying down the slide and landed in a huge mud pool.

"Polar bear plundge"..people were shoveling ice into the water we had to run through. This didn't help my already tight muscles.

"Hells Hills" lots of hills with mud. not fun.

There was this mud mountain that you had to use a rope to get up it.

There was a 8 feet wall of fame and a 4 feet wall of shame..I walked between the walls. I was so done at this point.

We dodged wrecking balls

Carried 40 pds sand bags to this huge buddha

Jumped over fire.

I tripped over a sticker bush and landed on some rocks. My knees are bruised and scarred.

it's been two days and I still can't walk. I have never in my life been this sore and that is crazy to me because I was an athlete for 16 years. I am going to start really working out so when I am forced to do this next year I will be a little more ready for it. walking an hour a day and eating healthy isn't good enough for this "fun run"..It was a great work out at least. I probably lost 7 pounds.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I love these kids..
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Grandma Bell"

My Grandma passed away yesterday. I guess she fell and broke her leg, her kidneys shut down, and half her heart stopped pumping. She was in the ICU for a couple weeks and they sent her back to the nursing home when nothing could be done. I pray that she went peacefully and I am praying for comfort for my grandpa. She was my grandpa's whole world. She is my moms step-mom. I don't see her as a "step" grandma. I have only met my moms "real" mom once. She has never been present in my life and I don't consider her my grandma. MaryLou (my step-grandma) has always been my grandma, She was the one I would run to every year on our Idaho trips and say "hi grandma", and "I love you Grandma". I have lots of fun memories of my cousins and I playing at my grandparents down stairs and we seemed to get into trouble constantly but it was fun. The last time I saw her was in July of this year and she wasn't doing well at all. I honestly didn't think that would be the last time I was going to see her and really wish I could have given her one more hug and kiss and told her that I love her.

Today my Dad, Mom, sister, and I are driving to Moscow to spend the night and help my cousin Mindi and her two cute girls drive to Rexburg, Id. The funeral is on Tuesday, which is good because I can't bring my boys because there isn't room in the car and I don't want to be away from them for too long. Joe has school and I feel bad when people have to watch my kids (Connor is quite the screamer these days) Anyways, it will be nice to see my family again and to give love and support to my grieving Grandpa.

I'm really glad we got some pictures with my grandma and Grandpa. These are from summer of 2010. Connor was only 5 weeks old. Brady was 19 months.

We all got to see her in July of this year and got some pictures done. This is the Bell family. I am glad we got to see her one last time.

Rest in peace Grandma.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our bedroom is unpacked!

Got the bedroom done today. I took pictures because I know by the time I wake up the house will be trashed. I'm so done unpacking...tomorrow my project is the kids room. Its a tiny room full of lots and lots of toys and clothes.
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One last pic of the house

More pics of our bedroom and kids room coming soon..
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Home in lakeland hills Auburn

We are still unpacking the master room and bathroom and also the kids room. Its a two bed two full bath. Tiny but its ok for now...we like it!
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Halloween crafts with me madre.

I love crafts. I wish I was more creative like my mom so I could make cuter stuff. my mom painted the haunted house and spiderman pumpkin. I made the black mesh wreath and painted the wood spider, bat, and ghost. I love halloween and I love that I finally have a kid big enough to love it too!
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Monday, October 10, 2011

New hair...again.

I'm a hair dressers daughter, that means I'm constantly changing my hair. I realized that I wear my hair in a pony tail everyday. I never have time to do it and I just can't handle long hair. So I put more highlights in it and chopped my hair. I think its cute, unlike a certain mean husband that I have. Its better than a pony right?
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Live Healthy

I have lost a little over 40 pounds. That's after I lost my baby weight so I guess you can say I have lost 80 pounds in the last 15 and a half months (When I had Connor).
I was sick of not feeling good and I hated the way I looked.
I have been overweight pretty much since I got married 5 years ago
(I blame you, Joe! no just kidding).
When Joe went on deployment for the last time (9 months ago)I told myself I didn't want him to come back and still have his fat ugly wife.
So I started a life change.
I started slow by walking 30 to 45 minutes a day
eating healthy things like fruit..

and veggies...
After we got out of the navy I really picked up my weight loss.
Some ways were healthy.
and some were not.
I was stressed out and extremely depressed...
so I kinda stopped eating for a good month or so, and I know that's not ok.
but now I'm back, and I am working on my issues.
I walk/jog/run for an hour a day.
I only put healthy foods in my body and I actually feel great.
I eat a lot of veggie sandwiches.
I love them.

It's taken me years to figure this one out...

But I think I finally get it.
You can't crash diet.
you just simply can't.
I would urge any of you out there that might be overweight or maybe you just don't feel "good" because of what you are putting in your body and your lack of exercise to just do it.
make a lifestyle change and just do it!
the first two weeks are the hardest.
after that it becomes a habit.
You wont regret it, I don't.
I wont lie, It was hard.
Really hard.
Because It was so hard makes me even more proud of what I have done.

I still want to lose 10-15 pounds so I am going to hold off on posting an "after" picture until I get to my goal weight, hopefully I can get to that soon!