Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Latest iPhone photos

I have been so busy, with getting ready to move this weekend, to do any blogs! We get the keys on Thursday, paint Friday, then move in Saturday! We are pretty excited! Here are my latest photos!
Boys getting ready to go camping!

Ellie and Sloane 

Brady darth

Ellie and Sage

Love this pic!

Sitting up!!!
Holding sage.

She loves her dad!
Riding in dads truck.

Just documenting that I got dressed..
Mallory, sage, and Sage's half sister Nadia.

Dad and Ellie!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Connor 3 year stats

Connor 3 year stats:
Weight: 35lb 9.6oz (84%)
Height: 39.5in (85%)
Bmi: 16.05 (52%) 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Yesterday fun in the sun!

Monday, August 5, 2013


Brady is four. He's super excited for his fifth birthday this December. 
Brady loves Christmas, birthdays, cousins, preschool, his family, sports, ninja turtles, Star Wars, and angry birds. 
Brady is such a sweet little boy. He cares about everyone! He has been such an easy child, he's a mothers dream! We really do love our Brady boy! 


Connor is my wild child. Here are some facts about Connor:

He's three
He loves to play outside and get dirty
He is very strong-willed. He will pretty much do the opposite of whatever you say!
He loves to play with brady but most of the time they end up fighting! 
Connor is a mamas boy. 
Connor has had a hard time playing with friends and cousins, I think he is starting to get that they are actually fun! 

Ellie belly

Ellie is 5 months old! Here are some things she likes to do:
Roll over (front to back)
Make raspberries.
Smile 😄
Bounce in bouncy
Wake up to eat about 3 times a night. 😳
Loves to take baths 
Adores her brothers! 
Go on walks in the ergo.
Ellie is making a lot more noises lately. She defiantly knows what she wants!