Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I will call this one pregnancy brain!

Question, what is so wrong with buying a bunch clothes for Joe, Brady, Baby, and I? It's not like we even want that money or has any bills to pay! Oh wait. We do! That was dumb of me! Kohl's put a spell on me and made me buy the whole store. Joe asked me if I wanted to take back half of the stuff I bought or get these:
A bed for Brady
and a double stroller.

I guess we need these more than cute maternity clothes. Joe, I guess you win this time! :(

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

boat ride for joe

Joe just informed me that he will be leaving on a 6 week boat ride in April (in two weeks). I'm not too happy about this! At least its not for 9 months! I really wish Joe didn't have to leave on ships. I guess that's what you get when you sign up for the navy! Maybe in a couple years we will get stationed shore duty in Hawaii!

Summer Travels

I am SUPER excited for this summer! Here is why:

June: having a baby!
(Joe gets 10 free vacation days, yay!)

Going to Utah for a family reunion (I am really hoping I will be feeling ok by then! Having a 4 week old on a trip might be hard)

Then we are going to Idaho to visit my family for a couple days!
Two friend weddings are also in August.

One of my best friends is getting married so I am the maid of honor! I hope I can lose all the baby weight in 3 months! here is the bride to be!

I am trying to have Joe take some vacation time before the baby is born because once the baby gets here I will be glued to the little guy for months. Joe is worried that they wont approve him for 3 different vacations. He has 20 days saved up so far, I wish they would just let him use them whenever he wants to! The NAVY is always difficult.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Brady loves his family so much. Daddy and I are cool but not as cool as "Gammum". I hope someday we will like me as much as he likes her! I am just not willing to stuff his face with candy and Ice cream!


All I have been doing is eating. I don't know what is wrong with me. I am surprised I haven't gained 50 pounds so far! I really can't get enough of these:

Mother's Taffy Cookies

And especially this:
When I was pregnant with Brady I only gained 10-15 pounds and all I wanted was healthy fruit and vegetables. This pregnancy is the opposite. I love anything fried and melted with cheese. I have 3 weddings and a family reunion this summer, I can't be a hippo! I feel like an addict, I am in need of an intervention.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patricks Day Parade!

Sam, Josh, Brady, and I went to our towns little St. Patrick's Day Parade! We got there a little late so we missed the cute stuff in the beginning. We mostly saw some cars kinda decorated haha. Oh well it was fun for us to get out to the house and enjoy the sun!

For some reason I really love to see the sailors in their "dress blues" I think its so cute when Joe wears his! He mostly wears blue "working" uniforms.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

chocolate mess

Never give your 15 month old one of these:

Girl Scout tagalongs peanut butter patties

And ignore him for 5 minutes. Chocolate and peanut butter is everywhere. Thank goodness for baby wipes!

Update* So I put Brady in the back yard to play with Max so I could clean up the mess. Well I finally cleaned it up and let Brady back inside and he had steped in some Max poo and it all over him and all over my kitchen floor. This day is gonna be a long one!

Monday, March 15, 2010

my life in numbers

I am 25 weeks pregnant
I am 62.1% through
I have 106 days or 16 weeks until my due date
My 3rd trimester starts in 15 days (March 30, 2010)
Due on June 29th, 2010
Oh and Brady boy is 15 months old today!

I am praying that time will go by fast and I (and my poor husband) will have the patients and energy to survive the next 16 weeks!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Place

I told Brooke that I would post some pictures of my place once I got it some what clean. Here it is! Its really boring so Joe and I decided we are going to paint and buy some cute decorations. I really want my mom to come and decorate for me because I really have no idea what I am doing. Here are some pictures of what my house looks like and what I really want it to look like in the next 3 months or so lol.

Here is Brady's room. It has white walls and little decorations. I did take some of the decorations down that I had because I am switching Brady's crib set and decorations into the new babies room.

This isn't exactly what I want for his room but I did buy that bed set and some cute decorations to go with it from Ikea. I am just waiting for my dad to build Brady a new bed and I will start to set up his room.

Here is the upstairs bathroom. We have two and a half bathrooms total. They all kinda look the same. Boring!

Upstairs hallway. We have the kids rooms and my master bedroom. My room and the babies room has a walk in closet.

My bedroom needs to be a little cleaner for me to take a picture (oops) but It just has a king bed, tv, and a dresser. I want to decorate it kinda like this picture, I love that color. I might add some very light teal and black.

The new babies room. Haven't done much. It will look alot like Brady's room before I took down all the decorations.

Here is the theme I have for the babies room. I really love the paint color. I have the curtains, the whole crib set, diaper holder, lamp, and the blanket. All I need is some paint on the walls and the wallpaper up top!


Now the downstairs Here is our tv room

I think we want to paint the walls a light grey color. I want to do a ocean/sailor theme.

here is our dining area and kitchen

Our backyard. Very tiny! Good thing we have a tiny dog!

Today could be better...

I am going to take the next few moments to complain, just to get some things off my chest.
I am getting really sick of being sick. I have had a fever and now a horrible cold and sore throat. I feel really really fat and not very cute at all. We have no food in our house because somebody didn't go grocery shopping for me and we only have one car. I was gone for two weeks and I really wanted a nice surprise of a clean house (that I was promised) but I got the opposite to that. I was happy to see that Brady's clothes were clean and put away, but then I looked in his dresser and a all of his clothes were stuffed into one drawer.
Today isn't a good day. I hope tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Past Two Weeks..

Here is my 6 month belly picture. Yes I did get a perm!

My friend Brooke and her two kids drove all the way from Utah to come stay with me for a week and a half. That week and a half went by really fast! I am really sad to see her go! She is probably really happy to get home because we found out the hard way that having 3 kids and no husbands to help is hard and stressful!

We spent a lot of our time shopping. I didn't have a double stroller so poor Landon sat in the basket under the stroller. He is such a trooper!
Landon and Brady loved running and playing at the malls. I think they picked up a bad cough and diarrhea from another kid playing. That wasn't fun for the kids!

We went to some fun restaurants! The boys got balloon animals!
We soaked in the sun! (No they are not kissing in this pic, Landon is asking Brady to stay away from his pop)

And little Carter was such a sweet baby. He wished he could play with the boys!

I will be coming to Utah in August so hopefully I will get to see Brooke in her home! I always love it when friends come and see me!