Thursday, February 18, 2010

two pregannt women, a puppy, and a one year old out on the town..

Samantha, Brady, Poco and I went on an adventure to the Ocean today. The Ocean is close to my house but we walked from Samantha's house and so that walk was a little long. We got bored and ended up walking past the water and did this big 6 mile (or more) walk. Lets just say I can't walk and I'm in pain. Joe had to help me get to the computer. Pregnant women shouldn't take 6 mile hikes while pushing a one year old in a stroller. Anyways, here are some cute pic of the day!

Brady loved talking Poco on a walk!

playing in the sand

Sam and poco

One Warm Puppy..

just catching some rays..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

one down, two more to go!

I added a new addition to my Nieces and Nephews post. If you look under Matt and Joy's children you will see the cute addition of Isaac Matthew Chantry! He was just born yesterday! Isn't he the cutest? Congrats Joy and Matt!

Now it's just Alicia and I! I can't wait until I can join Karen, Casey, and Joy in the newly NOT pregnant club!

Valentines Day

This is the best picture I could get of Joe and I on V-day. He was being a punk. He did get me the best gifts though! I woke up Saturday morning (we celebrated on sat) and Brady walked up to me and handed me a rose. SO cute! Then Daddy came in and handed me a box of See's chocolates and a 32GB IPOD touch! I was so excited! Thanks Joe! Joe and I then gave Brady his big valentine stuffed puppy. He loves to hug the puppy and give him kisses.

After we had our nice valentine morning we drove to my moms house to take advantage of some free babysitting. My mom had the place decked out in valentine gifts and snacks (she always goes all out) Joe and I got some candy and some clothes. Brady got a book, candy, and socks. Grandma is so nice to us!

Joe and I went out to the Japanese Steakhouse in Federal Way. I love that place! The food is great! Then we were going to see the movie Valentines Day but I kinda wanted to hang out with Randy and Alicia instead. So we went to an Adult couples dance at the church. Lets just say that we laughed alot. After around 20 min of being there we left and went home to watch movies.
It was a fun night.

I probably gained 10 pounds last weekend.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today Joe, Samantha, and I went to my 20 week ultrasound. I was in there for 3 hours! The baby was in the wrong position the whole time. He looked so cute though! He was going crazy in my tummy the whole time. At the very end she took a couple (really bad) pictures for me to take home. I hate it when they do that! This was the best pic I got. Oh well..I will get to see the little guy in 4 and a half months anyway. Joe and I need to start thinking of baby boy names now because we never can agree on one, so if you have any ideas of what to name this monkey let me know! Oh and It can't be a "cute" name because Joe will hate it...dumb I know.

Friday, February 5, 2010

20 weeks

Here is my 20 week belly. It is getting bigger and bigger by the second it feels like. Today I was having some problems (problems you all probably don't want to hear about) and I went to my OB to see if the baby was ok. He gave me an ultrasound and he said that I need to stay in bed this weekend until I see him on Tuesday again and I will be getting a better ultrasound at the lab. Anyways, when when the Dr. was checking the baby out he said that we are in fact having a boy! I knew it all along! Looks like I will be taking all of my pink clothes back and buying some blue stuff. Joe and I are happy to have two boys in a row. Brady will have a little buddy to play with. I just hope our next one is a girl. I need a girl someday :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nieces and Nephews

I was just thinking about all the wonderful family I have around me. Joe and I keep getting blessed with more and more nephews and nieces. I thought I would show you all of them! This blog is my journal that I make into a book every June. I thought it would be nice for my kids to look back at pictures of their cousins!

Perry and Sandy's kids:




Lance and Mandi's kids:



Lance and Mandi are expecting! Due Sept 2010!

Karl and Karen's kids:




Ben and Casey's kids:




Born Jan 17th 2010

Matt and Joy's kids:
Baby Ross Chantry


Isaac Matthew Chantry
born Feb.15th 2010

Randy and Alicia's kids:

Randy and Alicia are expecting a baby September of 2010!

That's 21 total! (including Brady and my baby due in June) I love big families! We need to keep adding to this list! There is only 3 of us pregnant in the family right now! Some of you are due to have another one ( you know who you are)! : )

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fanfest at Safeco!

My Mom, Dad, Joe, Brady, and I went to fanfest at Safeco. It was such a fun day for all of us! Joe was running around like he was 10 years old. Once Joe touched the green grass he almost cried (no lie). Brady had fun running the bases but he didn't like the looks of the Mariner Moose. The place was packed and my body was hurting from walking so much, but it was worth the quality family fun!