Thursday, May 23, 2013

Green family wedding

Mom and I on the plane headed to Salt Lake. Alaska doesn't fly into Idaho falls so we had to fly to Utah and rent a car and drive to Idaho Falls. 
We met my best friend Brooke, her sister, and her mom in Salt Lake. We had some really yummy Cafe Rio! 
Here is Ellie with her Grandpa Bell (my moms dad) 

One happy girl!
This little cutie is my cousins little girl, Sophia Jo. 
All ready for the wedding!

Sophia Jo, Mataya, and Ellie. 

I LOVED the cute wedding decorations!

Grandpa, aunt Nedra and uncle Tony.
Cutest little flower girls!

Ellie trying to kill her hand.
My mom and her siblings ( missing 3)
Parents of the groom! 
Just married!

I'm so glad we could go see my grandma Howell! She was so tickled to meet little Ellie!

There weren't any flights to salt lake so we had to drive to Boise and get on a flight back to Seattle. It was a great trip but I'm so glad to be home and with my boys! 

iPhone photos

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Mother's Day was a special day! I got to spend the day with my three favorite kids! All the men (my dad, joes dad, and his brothers) made a delicious dinner for all us mothers! It was really fun! 

Joe got me exactly what I wanted! Yellow toms, Fran's chocolates, and brown salties!! Spoiled!