Friday, July 19, 2013

4 month stats


I took Ellie to the Doctor for her four month well child checkup, here are her stats:

Weight:14lb 1.5oz (37%)
Height: 25 inches (55%)
Head: 41 cm (48%) 

So over all she is a little small, I'm used to my tall boys so it's a little different having a little girl! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

iPhone photos

Fmily Photos 2013

 Joe's sister Ashley took our family photos this year. She is A-MAZE-ING! she really does have a talent for taking pictures and editing them! Thank you so much Ashley! I cant wait to have all these framed all over our home in Sept!

I posted the black and white photos and the colored, I couldn't choose so I just posted all of them!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sage Renae

Sage Renae Miller was born yesterday July 15th at 11:11am weighing 7lb 1 oz and 19 inches tall. She's really a cutie! 

Here is Mallory's birth story because I know she won't write this down and she will be glad this will be in my blog book. 

Mallory was scheduled for induction Sunday night and they told her to call in at 6pm to see if there was any room for her, they said not to come in and they would call her when they wanted her to come. About 7pm she called because she was leaking fluid and she was cramping so they told her to come in. She got there and they did an ultrasound and she was in fact loosing amniotic fluid so she stayed. She dilated 2-7cm in a couple hours then she stayed at a 7 for 10 hours! She had a couple drops of the babies heartbeat where the nurses and doctors would run In and flip her on her hands and knees and I guess they started to prepare for a csection. I got there around 1:30 am and she was still at a 7 and with the epidurals help she   was sleeping through her hard contractions. Around 10:00am she was fully dilated and she started pushing. I was excited that the nurse let me be her pushing coach, one hour later cute little sage was born! Mal did a great job! We all needed a nap after that full night at the hospital!