Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Ellie Bean Is Almost One!

My baby girl is almost one!! I really can't believe it! Ellie has been such a blessing to our family. I remember when I was pregnant I wanted a girl so bad that I couldn't wait for the 20 week ultrasound, I watched YouTube videos of "girl ultrasounds" for a week so that I could "trust" the ultrasound tech! ha ha looking back I know I was crazy! Once I saw for myself that we were having a girl I was shocked! Words can't describe how excited I was! Joe's mom gave me a cute little dress right after we found out and I started crying because at that moment it became real, I was really having my baby girl! Ellie's birth was so hard and painful but so very worth it! On February 26th we welcomed our 7lb 11oz bundle and we were so in love, that day I remember thinking, "I wonder what she will be like once she can smile and interact with us?" I can say that she has extended my expectation of what my cute little girl would be like. Ellie has such a sweet, sassy little spirit and I wouldn't change a thing about her! 

Ellie is a mamas girl through and through, she loves her daddy but she is still stuck on mom. (I know this will change soon) Ellie can say Dada, Mama, butt, what, that, and uh oh. Ellie loves blankets and snuggling when she is tired. Ellie can sit in her high chair all day and eat. Eating and drinking is her favorite thing. Ellie loves her brothers, and of course they adore her! 

We love you Ellie Maurine, Happy first birthday!

Joe's sister Ashley came took these sweet pictures for us. Thank you so much Ashley! You are amazing!
I couldn't choose what pictures I liked the best so I just added them all, so sorry for all the duplicates!