Wednesday, April 30, 2008

change of plans

I was able to change my flight so I wil be flying to Washington in two weeks. I will be there May 14th. I cant wait to be back in Washington!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Washington here we come!

Our lease is up soon and Joe and I are going to move back to Washington. We think (hope) moving back will be the best thing for us because Joe will be joining the Coast Guard in a month or two. Also I really don't want to be all by myself pregnant and with two crazy dogs! We will miss everyone in Utah very much! We really had tons of fun living here! I already have my plane ticket (for Brooks wedding) so I will just be stay there. Joe will be driving our stuff and the pups a couple days later. I am not excited for the stress of moving! We are selling almost everything we own so we dont have to worry about it. We will have to move a ton in the Military so that will be a stress off my back to not have to pack a bunch of stff everytime. We are also excited to have the baby in Washington so our parents and some family will be there. This is going to be my parents 1st grandchild! On Joe's side of the family the baby will be number 16 (depending on who has the baby first between Alicia and I)!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

3 people, 2 dogs, 1 tiny apartment!!

Ashley came to school this weekend and dropped off charlie. So far it has been ok. Charlie and Max just play and it is very annoying! We will see if i can handle having charlie with me while I am going through this pregnancy. Joe and I decided that we are going to try to keep him until We have the baby. Hopefully by then Ashley can find a place so she can have him back.

The Pregnancy has been great so far. I have been very very tired but that is something I can handle. I am really expecting to get sick starting soon because everyone I know started at 6 weeks. I really hope I don't! I just cant believe the baby is the size of a pea and the heart is beating! I can't wait to see the baby (They will let me at 12 weeks) and hear its little heart beat!

Joe has been busy working and trying to lose the last 12 pounds so he can join the Coast Guard. He really is excited to join. I am not excited to be away from him for months at a time.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The beauty of the Temple

Good luck charms

My friend Brooke is in town for her bridal shower and we all went out to see some fish at the aquarium up by Salt Lake. Her little boy was so cute watching all the fish. It was really cute when he wanted to get in with the sting rays because he thought it was a bath, he loves baths! When we were there she gave gave me this tiny dolphin for good luck with the pregnancy. She also gave one to her sis for good luck for when she has her little bean. I thought that was so cute. I always have so much fun when I'm with her!

When we told Randy and Alicia we are also pregnant they went and got us a cute monkey! (Alicia and I both love monkeys)Now we both have our little monkeys to snuggle with until our monkeys arrive!

Joe wanted to take a picture with Max and the monkey, doesn't he look happy? Joe is actually still in shock that we are pregnant. Its taking him some time to get used to the idea of being a dad. Hopefully in the next 9 months or so he will snap out of it!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Christmas baby!

Joe and I are so excited to share our news! We are PREGNANT! I just found out on friday actually..(I just cant wait another month to tell everyone) I have been really sick for the past four days. My parents are in town this weekend so we got to suprise them in person. My Mom thinks we are having twins because she was as sick as I am. I am also very excited to be pregnant at the same time as my sis-in-law Alicia! We are almost excactly 2 weeks apart! Our husbands are going to have a blast when we are together! My due date is December 25th 2008!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my projects

I ave been having a blast making these tiny baby ribbon blakets! They are so easy and cute! I have been making some bigger baby blankets and also a big one. Utah can be boring so I'm glad I have a great hobby to keep me busy!