Saturday, June 21, 2008

Brooke's big day!

It was so fun being a bridesmaid!
Brooke and I at dinner in Seattle!
She is so beautiful!
How they really felt after a million pictures were taken!

My bridesmaid braclet that Brooke and Chris gave me!
The wedding was beautiful! It was nice seeing such a close friend so happy all day long. Bishop Bellessa married Brooke and Chris. He really did a great job. The reception was fun and everyone was happy to see them married!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby update!

I went to the Dr yesterday and they did an ultrasound to do some tests. The little guy wouldn't get in the right position so I got to watch him for an hour...Oh and the reason I say him is because the nurse showed me that he is a Boy! the ultrasound was so clear when she was doing it. I got to see him suck his fingers, swallow, and kick! I was so amazed with how much he can move! I am still holding on to the chance that he might be a she, we will find out forsure when I am 18 weeks. Of course I will still be happy with a little boy too! Joe was excited when I told him that the nurse said he was a boy. I still don't really feel pregnant yet except for the head aches. It feels great to be able to eat and not get sick!