Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trip to Boise

The boys and I went on a road trip to Boise a week ago with my parents and my sister. It was great to see my Howell side of the family! I especially enjoyed seeing my grandma Howell. We don't get to see our family in Idaho very often so it was a pretty special trip!


These boys really love their daddy! These days I can't do much for the boys because of my huge belly so Joe has stepped up and pretty much does everything for these boys! I couldn't have asked for a more loving and helpful husband! We love you Joe!

Silly little boy

This little boy is so silly. He makes me laugh everyday! Looking at all these pictures makes me want to go get his hair cut, it can get out of control fast!

Monday, January 21, 2013

33 weeks

How far along: 33 weeks

Baby size: around 17 inches and weighs 4-6 pounds!

Weight gain: around 30 pounds. Yikes!

Bellybutton: In and will probably stay that way.

Maternity clothes: I have been wearing maternity clothes from week 7.

Names: Joe and I usually don't discuss names until a week before I'm due. Lol

Gender: Girl!

Movement: she kicks like crazy every night.

Sleep: Getting sleep is hard because I have to use the potty 4-8 times a night.

Food adversions: Thai food

Food cravings: pasta and sandwiches

Best moment this week: just being with family!

What I miss: my per-pregnancy clothes and weight.

What I'm looking forward to: getting this baby out of me! I hope I go early like I did with the boys!

iPhone photos

I have started this year out with a huge lack in blogging. Here are a bunch of pictures that I have on my phone. Lately we have spent a lot of time playing with cousins, driving to Boise for a family reunion, and playing with ninja turtles.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A look back of the year 2012

Here is a bunch of pictures that kinda sums up 2012. Some of the highlights were:

Had to give away our dog Thor. I couldn't take the chewing and biting!

Went to Vegas with my best friend and mom. That was a blast!

We had a big Johnson family reunion. It was so great to see the family and for my kids to get to see all their cousins!

Found out we are pregnant!

Joe turned 27.

Went on a trip to D.C.!

Connor turned two.

Found out we are having a baby girl!

I turned 26.

Brady turned four.

Had a wonderful Christmas with family!

Last night we celebrated the new year by doing nothing, it was actually very boring. I'm 30 weeks pregnant. It was a shock that I could even stay awake until midnight!

This new year will hopefully bring new employment to Joe and a cute baby girl.

Now all we need to do is find a name for this little lady inside my belly!