Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brady is 2 months old!

Brady is officially 2 months old! He has been smiling so much lately! He is just an amazing little guy! He is looking more and more like his daddy.

This past weekend has been a blast! Ben and Casey flew off to Hawaii (lucky!) and left their cute kids behind for Grandma and Grandpa Johnson to watch. I got to spend some time with my neice Molly. It was really fun picking her up from school and then taking her to gymnastics. She is just an amazing little girl! William has been so funny! He really knows how to make us all smile. Then there is little Henry. I love that baby! He is always on the go! I will be going back to help out more this week. It's always fun to be around my neices and nephews.

Joe is doing well. We are going to fly to FL this friday to see him! I will be staying for 11 days. At the top I posted pictures of the hotel we will be staying at. I can't wait! I'm not too excited for the long plane ride though. I am really hoping that Brady doesn't have sensitive ears. Anyways, I will take lots of pictures!

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