Monday, July 6, 2009

Our 4 day weekend...

Joe and I are finally home from a fun and long weekend at our parents houses. Joe and I invited our friends Josh and Sam to come along. We had a yummy BBQ at my parents house Friday night then headed over to Joe's parents house to spend the night. We had to leave Max at my parents house because Max wants to eat our friends and their little dog Paco. So the Next day (sat) we went shopping at the South Center Mall. Later that night we had a BBQ with Joe's parents, my parents, Josh, Sam, Ben, Casey, and the kids (We really wished Molly was there, but she was at her dads). That night we went to Clelebration Park for the 4Th of July fireworks. Joe, Brady, and Josh went home early because they needed to go to bed, Brady would have freaked out if he was outside with the loud fireworks. So my friend Beth, Sam, and I watched the amazing show on our blanket. Joe's parents, Ben, and William stayed and watched with us also. William was so funny! He was running, jumping, and rolling around waiting for the show to begin. The only downside to our night was that poor William and I got some chunks of fireworks in our eyes! Over all it was a good night! Sunday we said goodbye to our friends Josh and Sam and spent the day laying around at my parents. We also went on a nice walk with my parents. Now we are happy to be home for a couple weeks! Here are some pictures of our walk. I am so mad that I didn't get any other pictures of this weekend. I just figured out today that I actually did bring my camera!
Brady was so cute, he fell asleep right after we started walking.

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