Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ashley & Morgan Wedding

My little sis-in-law became the new Mrs. Ashley Fillmore last Friday! Congratulations Morgan and Ashley!

We dressed Brady up in a cute 3 piece tux for the wedding. He looked so handsome!

Molly, Sydney, and Rebekah looked like beautiful brides! I really do have the cutest nieces!

Her cake was so cute! I love the colors they picked! Baby blue, black, and white.

The name is Johnson, Brady Johnson.

Little Wesley was so cute! Brady and Wes are only 5 weeks apart. We wish we were closer so Brady and Wes could have play dates!

Joe's immediate family
Back row: Karl, Joe, Ben, Lance, and Randy
Front row: Darlene, Dale, Ashley, Joy, and Sandy

Big family picture. I wish the whole family was in this picture!

The parents

Aunt Debbie, Brady, and Great Grandma Johnson. We were so happy to see Grandma there! she surprised us all!

Grandpa Howell holding Brady

The beautiful bride with Brady.

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