Friday, January 7, 2011

Husband VS Wife...who will win? wife will

Joe and I have agree to go on a Weight Loss Challenge. Joe will be leaving in a week and a half for a month and a half long deployment. Even though Joe isn't leaving for a week and a half we are starting today. The spouse with the most pounds/inches lost wins!

What do we win?

I will tell you!

A cats massage!!!
no just kidding.
The winner gets a professional massage!
I don't know why I put a picture of cats massaging each other.

The winner also gets their pick to their favorite restaurant!
Well maybe not their favorite.. Applebees prices and below.
That's not the best restaurant in the world but in a certain Stuarts mind its pretty "fancaaay". (Don't get mad Josh, It was funny when you said it.)


Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when I saw the cats, couldn't help it. :) Good luck on your challenge it sounds fun!
However, I think you look fantastic right now!

The Stuarts said...

hahahaha.. ohhh josh! he's crazy. I've been on a "diet" yesterday was when I gave in and had something not very healthy. a hotdog :\