Sunday, October 14, 2012

Couldn't be happier!

Friday morning Joe and I headed to his parents house to drop off the kids at his parents house for our big gender reveal ultrasound. I have been waiting for this day for months! I just kept telling myself, "it's ok if it's a boy, it's ok if it's a boy." In my heart I honestly thought it was going to be a boy. I have always wanted a girl so I was just trying not to be heartbroken if I was told it was a boy. I tried not to think about cute pink dresses, flowers for her hair, and of course my future soccer star.

We got to the hospital and my heart was pounding the entire time. It was fun to see the baby moving around so much! I was relieved that she was healthy. Finally 30 minutes into the ultrasound she checked between the legs and I instantly knew it was a girl because I know what little boys look like! When she said "yes, it's a girl!" I was shocked and I just started crying. I'm so happy that I get a little girl! I feel so blessed! The shopping has already started. It feels really weird walking to the pink side, I have been shopping for boys for so long! Here are some pics of the ultrasound, my belly, and a little dress that I can't wait to put on her!

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Lance and Mandi said...

So, so excited for you guys!!!!!!