Friday, November 2, 2012

Fears of pregnancy weight gain.

Most of you know that before I got pregnant I lost a bunch of weight, around 70 pounds or so. While I was super excited to find out that we were expecting I instantly got worried that I would gain all my weight that I worked so hard to loose. Soon after I found out this time I was worried that even though I have a greater knowledge of healthy eating and working out I was worried I would slip back into my old unhealthy ways. I hate to say it but I have started to slip and I really need to get motivated to eat healthier. I will find out at my midwife appt on Monday how much weight I have gained. My goal is to gain 25-30 pounds, at the rate I'm going ill probably gain 40 pounds. I have decided that I need to change my eating and start walking an hour everyday. Lately I have been walking 2-3 times a week but when I'm eating fried chicken and candy all day those walks aren't enough. From now on I am going to put my baby first and give her the best nutrition possible, I know that if I make sure my baby is happy and healthy then I will be also. Day one of healthy pregnancy starts now!

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