Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pictures of our place!

Here are some pics out house! 
I'm not done decorating yet. I think it will take time to get it where I want it but here is the start! 

Here is a before master bedroom shot. It was purple.
Here is the after with newly painted grey walls.

We also painted a wall downstairs. It was a dark green.
We also painted the wall grey! 

I really like my kitchen! 

Ellie's bed. We painted the wall grey! Can you tell that I like grey?
I'm still in the process of painting the molding white .

Boys room:

Toy room: it's a mess already!
Upstairs laundry room! I love having the laundry right by the bedrooms!
Upstairs bathroom/ boys bathroom 
Upstairs living room. Need new couch, rug, and tv haha!
Master bath

Downstairs entry way. I still have a lot to do in here! 

Downstairs half bath
Back yard
We still don't have a couch down here but we do have a couple little ones in here for time being. 


Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful house! I love everything you've done and I'm so impressed with how much you've gotten done in such a short amount of time. I've lived in my house for almost 10 months and I've yet to accomplish a tenth of what you've done! Way to go!

Lance and Mandi said...

So excited for you guys!! Your house looks amazing. When you are done decorating yours, come and do mine, k?