Sunday, April 27, 2008

3 people, 2 dogs, 1 tiny apartment!!

Ashley came to school this weekend and dropped off charlie. So far it has been ok. Charlie and Max just play and it is very annoying! We will see if i can handle having charlie with me while I am going through this pregnancy. Joe and I decided that we are going to try to keep him until We have the baby. Hopefully by then Ashley can find a place so she can have him back.

The Pregnancy has been great so far. I have been very very tired but that is something I can handle. I am really expecting to get sick starting soon because everyone I know started at 6 weeks. I really hope I don't! I just cant believe the baby is the size of a pea and the heart is beating! I can't wait to see the baby (They will let me at 12 weeks) and hear its little heart beat!

Joe has been busy working and trying to lose the last 12 pounds so he can join the Coast Guard. He really is excited to join. I am not excited to be away from him for months at a time.

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