Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Washington here we come!

Our lease is up soon and Joe and I are going to move back to Washington. We think (hope) moving back will be the best thing for us because Joe will be joining the Coast Guard in a month or two. Also I really don't want to be all by myself pregnant and with two crazy dogs! We will miss everyone in Utah very much! We really had tons of fun living here! I already have my plane ticket (for Brooks wedding) so I will just be stay there. Joe will be driving our stuff and the pups a couple days later. I am not excited for the stress of moving! We are selling almost everything we own so we dont have to worry about it. We will have to move a ton in the Military so that will be a stress off my back to not have to pack a bunch of stff everytime. We are also excited to have the baby in Washington so our parents and some family will be there. This is going to be my parents 1st grandchild! On Joe's side of the family the baby will be number 16 (depending on who has the baby first between Alicia and I)!!!

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Alisha & Braeden said...

Oh you guys are moving back to washington? Thats exciting! I want to go back. I have a blog now so you should add me to yours! Have fun in washington!