Sunday, November 9, 2008

22nd Birthday

Mom and Dad Johnson took me to The Lobster Shop. They are so nice to take me out for my 22nd birthday. I had such a good time!

My family took my sister and I to the Red Lobster for our birthday. Being a twin was always fun growing up because we always had fun birthdays. We were never alone in anything. We always shared the cake, dinner, and sometimes presents. She always got blue stuff and I got pink hehe. It is going to be sad moving away from her when Joe gets back. We have never really been seperated for that long. It's hard for twins to go their seperate ways! This birthday was probably the last one that we will get to share. I guess it would be kinda nice to get my own cake!

Today I went to Valley Medical Center to tour the Birthing Center. It was so nice! I was shocked how clean and nice it was! I felt like I was in a five star hotel! It's crazy to think that I have only 6 weeks left (if he comes on time)! It's not real to me that I'm having a baby yet. I wish Joe could have been around more this pregnancy. I am really jealous of all of the pregnant women who gets to share everything with their husbands and also get the great back rubs! I am just greatful that he will be home for christmas!

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Kari said...

Happy belated birthday! Your preggo belly is too cute ;) I can't believe you have only 6 weeks left...that is so exciting!