Sunday, April 5, 2009

Brady makes a mess

Last night I gave Brady rice cereal for the first time..

He started to freak out and didn't like the spoon.

So I gave up and put it in a bottle

I put Brady's Easter outfit on to see if it fits. He did not like it!

Tomorrow I am flying to Salt Lake to stay with my friend Brooke. I was only going to stay for a week but she called me and she needs a nanny for a month. I told her that I can stay for 3 weeks because I don't want the grandparents to miss Brady too much!


Brooke said...

Hey, at least he likes the cereal! He'll get the hang of it.

I love Brady's Easter oulfit! I still need to get Landon's.

I am way too excited for you and baby to come stay with us. Can it be time to pick you guys up already?!

Mindi Blackburn said...

Hello! um...where did all of Brady's hair go?! He is so cute. Jordan and I have been watching family home videos this last week. There was one of you and mallory when you were about one. OMG! He looks just like you! I have been trying to talk my mom into buying me, Brit, and her tickets to come and see you guys. I want to see you all so badly! CUTE BLOG!

Audrey said...

I agree with Mindi- he looks exactly like you did at that age. I noticed a beanie baby in the pic- do you guys still have 500,000 of those still?

- Audrey