Thursday, April 9, 2009

Utah Fun

Well Brady and I made it to Utah! We have been having fun staying with Brooke and her family. The other day we went to Uncle Randy and Aunt Alicias house so Brady and Wesley could play! They are so cute together!


Here is a video of Brady laughing today at Landon (Brookes 2 year old) jumping on the bed. He was really laughing at first but unfortunately, I didn't have my camera in the room. I ran and got it and was able to catch him while he was still going. I have never seen him laugh that hard-it brought tears to my eyes. Brady is almost four months and is getting to such a fun stage. I love being his mommy!


Brooke, Landon, Brady, and I also went to Provo to visit at Joy and Matts house on Tuesday. We visited and then ate tacos and burritos that tasted exactly like Cafe Rio-YUM! Ashley, Morgan, Randy, Alicia, and Wesley showed up too! Joy let Brady use Sam's jumper, he loved the toys! I think I will have to look on craigslist for one of those!

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Mindi Blackburn said...

I can't beleive he is giggling like that already! I couldn't get my neice to make a peep when they were here, and she was 5mo old.
That is so cute!