Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Diaper rash

Last night we had a baby and mommy meltdown! Last night around 2 a.m. Brady woke up crying so Joe got up and gave him a bottle to drink. After he drank that he started crying even harder so Joe came into our bedroom and asked me what was wrong so I told him his gums hurt (he has been teething but no teeth yet!) or he needs a diaper change. So Joe checked his diaper (so he says) and said it was clear. Well Brady got worse and after a half of an hour of him screaming and me giving him some baby Tylenol I decided to check his diaper. He pooped. His poor bum was on fire. So I started to change him and once I touched him he was in the worst pain of his life. I felt so bad for him! I started to cry from my overwhelming feeling of guilt and I was also a little mad at Joe for not actually checking his diaper. I finally got him to sleep around 3 am. I really can't stand to see Brady in pain. I guess it's just a part of motherhood that is inevitable!


Casey said...

Yup, that's normal. :) It doesn't get any easier either. I'm a mess whenever one of the kids gets hurt.

I hope he is feeling better soon.

Brooke said...

Oh sad! I hope he is feeling better. Every baby gets diaper rashes...don't feel guilty.

Do you need any more pain medication for Brady? Someone from my ward dropped off 2 baby tylenols and 6 motrins....I don't need that much! Let me know...I can mail it to ya! Or, better yet, you can come get it ;)