Monday, October 5, 2009

Trip to Boise

Brady and I are finally at home in Oak Harbor from a week at my parents and a weekend in Boise, Idaho for a wedding! It was really great to see some my family in Idaho. Here are some pictures of our journey.

Here is a picture of Brady taking a bath. I thought it was cute, he looks like he is relaxing in a hot tub.

My dad trying to get Brady to sleep after a full day of driving.

Friday morning, the morning of my cousin Megan's wedding.

My dad and Brady waiting for the wedding to start.

The view of Boise was amazing! They really picked a great place for a wedding!

Brady was so tired! He barley took any naps the entire time we were there!

Megan and Nathan saying I do!

My cousin Amy and her niece Ashton. She is so cute!

Brady going crazy at the wedding!

My Uncle Dean, Grandma Howell, Chelsea, and her daughter Ashton.

Audrey and Brady

My dad and his siblings. Shelly, Todd, Dean, Dewight, and Grandma Howell.

Ashton needed dinner and a bed too.


Great Grand-babies

The oldest Grandchild Amy and the youngest Kennalee.

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you're quick to post- I dig it!