Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brady's favorite toy for the day

Usually Brady loves to play with his two spatulas. (He likes to help mom cook) But tonight he has been having a blast with his diapers. He was throwing them up in the air, then he used them as hats, he eventually thought it was funny to put the diaper hat on dads head. Typical night at the Johnsons.

p.s. try not to look at my messy house in the back. I'm horrible at cleaning when I'm pregnant!


Joy Chantry said...

Look at Brady running around all by himself! He's such a hoot. Of course diapers make a great hat. What else would they be for?

Brooke said...

Haha Brady is so funny! I want to come play so bad.

Lance and Mandi said...

So cute! Just wait until he finds the box of tissues or baby wipes. He will love pulling them out 1 by 1. By the way, cute belly!