Friday, January 29, 2010

Good Deals!

Today my mom and I went to look around the mall to kill some time. I always have to go to The Children's Place Outlet because sometimes you can find really good deals. Well today my mom, me, and most of the moms in the mall were pleased to find that most of the clothes were $2.00 and UNDER! There were women running around the entire store (my mom and myself included) I was so excited! I got a bunch of baby girl clothes. They are so cute! I am really hoping for a girl this time!
here are the two things I got for a baby boy. Jean shorts and pants.
7 pairs of PJ's for boy and girl.
Here is what I got for Brady..They are SOO cute!
All together total these would have been $520.98
I got them for $102.57!
I also went to Cabelas yesterday with my Dad and I found these great deals:
70% off with an additional military discount
Big yellow giraffe: $20.00
I got it for $3.00

angel blocks : $8.00
I got them for: $.98

little baby square blankie: $ 10.00
I got it for: $1.50

I am just happy that I finally found some good deals! I have so many talented sis-in-laws that find the best deals and I am always jealous of there creative ways of finding good deals (Joy, Casey, & Mandi). Now I just need to get an ultrasound so I know what this little critter is!
I should know in a couple weeks!


Casey said...

Thanks for the call about the deals. I didn't have time to go but it looks like you got some great stuff! I hope that for the sake of all those clothes you're having a girl! Otherwise, your little boy is going to be wearing a lot of pink! :)

joy said...

Way to get some great deals! It's totally addicting, isn't it?