Thursday, July 15, 2010

Axel Edward Johnson

When Joe and I have the joy of picking out names for our children we like to find some fun names that are meaningful and in the family. We named Brady Dell after my dad, Dell Marty Howell. When we were trying to find a name for Connor we wanted to use a middle name that was meaningful in Joe's family. I was looking in my sis-in-laws baby book one day and I saw the name Axel Edward Johnson. Right away I knew that that was the middle name for Connor. Axel Edward Johnson is Joe's dad's Grandpa. I got an e-mail from my Mom-in-law today and she sent me these pictures. I thought it would be neat for Connor to look back on and see who he was named after. I really wish I had a picture of him!
Of course when Joe's grandma Leora Johnson found out that we named little Connor after her Father-in-law she was really excited. We get to see Leora in a couple weeks and I am really excited to have her meet her newest great-grand baby. I will have to take lots of pictures!

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