Thursday, July 8, 2010

Operation Skinny Mom!

So I started a diet about two weeks before I got pregnant and my goal was to lose 50 pounds. Now that I am no longer pregnant I need to get motivated again and lose a bunch of weight. I have lost 30 pounds in the last two weeks (don't ask me how) and I am 10 pounds smaller than what I was before I got pregnant (yes!). So now I really want to lost 40 pounds because I have a family reunion next month (I'm sick of being the fatty sister/daughter-in-law/aunt), One of my best friends is getting married September 17Th and I have to fit in my maid of honor dress.
Diet officially starts NOW!

I just wish I could work out! 4 more weeks!


perfectlycrazy said...

1. You look great!
2. There is no fatty sis-in-law!
3. I'm jealous! I'm still 10lbs over my prepregnancy weight and 20lbs from where I should be!

Anonymous said...


The breastfeeding will help. Along with a light to moderate exercise and eating well. But you still need a few extra calories while nursing. I gained a TON of weight while prego and lost it all. I read a study the other day that said women who gain a lot of weight during pregnancy, tend to lose it faster while nursing. weird huh? Anyway, I hope things are going well. Get some sleep!


Brooke said...

You are too hard on yourself-you are such a pretty girl! And I bet you lost the weight from breastfeeding!!