Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My wants and needs! (mostly wants)

Joe and I have been talking about all the things we would buy if we had the money to. Some are little thing and some will take some time (years) to save for. Here is my wish list:

A jogging double stroller

A Laptop
My own Bakery
Big home in Gig Harbor, WA.
This cute
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to run around in our big home.

And eventually I want to buy one of these:
for my baby girl

I don't think all of these things are too much to ask for! I think Joe and I need to figure out how to become millionaires, ehh we'll figure it out!

1 comment:

CarleeLovesMINI said...

Ah! Mandy! I was so excited when I saw that picture of the Cavalier! I have two and they're wonderful! You have good taste... :)