Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today's Adventures...

The past couple of days have been hard. Joe has been to three different Dentists, one Oral Surgeon, and a late night visit to the E.R. Joe has a fractured root (the same thing that Ben, Joe's brother had a couple weeks ago) Joe has been in tons of pain, and I am ready for him to be feeling better. He finally gets the tooth pulled Thursday!I was in the mood for taking some pictures of our adventures today.

Connor waiting for Daddy to get out of the dentist. My mom bought him some leggings (because they are "in" in Idaho)
Connor was smiling at his toys all day. Very cute!
Brady waiting for his plate of scrambled eggs.

Joe was finally happy, thank you Vicodin and Percocet!

Once we were all home I decided to bake some carrot cupcakes. YUM


perfectlycrazy said...

I feel your pain. Yours, not Joe's. If you need to vent just call me. I will totally understand!

Your cupcakes are darling!

Kari said...

Mandy, I just thought you should know that you make some of the cutest children I have ever seen. Seriously, they are ADORABLE!

p.s. I really want one of those cupcakes! :)