Friday, December 3, 2010

finally, my computer is working!

Finally my computer is back to working! This blog post is a little late but here are some pictures of thanksgiving:

5 month old Connor.

He is so cute!My parents house covered in snow!
I love snow.
Brady playing in the snow.

Thanksgiving at the Johnson's home.
Morgan and Ashley came for thanksgiving, Morgan looks excited to eat! Do you like that fancy fruit turkey? I made that..
all of us eating the delicious food!
Ashley and Morgan looking at black Friday ads.
Grandma and Connor
Sleeping Brady and daddy
Thanksgiving at the Howell's home.
the snowman my mom built
Grandma, Brady, and Aunt Mallory

We all got a Starbucks salted carmel hot chocolate gifts, yum!
Dad and Con dog
Thanksgiving was fun at both that thanksgiving is over I can get excited for Christmas! Christmas is so fun when you have kids to celebrate with!


Anonymous said...

That fruit turkey is awesome!

Kari said...

Okay just a few things:
a.) How cute is Connor in that little hat?!! Oh my gosh, he's just so adorable!
b.) That fruit turkey is SO COOL...I've never seen anything like it!
c.) I'm so excited to get your Christmas card :) Thanks for thinking of me!