Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Welcome home letters

Joe's family decided to write Joe some welcome home letters. When I read them I knew I had to post them on my blog. They are just too cute and too funny not to.
My parents got him a signed picture of Lou Piniella, thanks!

I gave him a Ken Griffey Jr. playing card.

Here are all the letters Joe received:

Dear Joseph,
many great men who came before you received your name. One was a favored son and received a coat of many colors, despite his poor treatment at the hands of his brothers he became a great and respected leader. Josephus was a great historian. Joseph smith was the most favored servant of the lord and great prophet. We knew this history when we chose your name. We love you and are grateful for how you honor your name. love, Dad.

This one is from Matt. oops its upside down. sorry! It is a very funny letter!
Dear Colonel Joe,
Welcome home from a long boat ride on the USS Bush. Two boat rides and you are still not an Admiral. I don't want to say I'm disappointed, but I did have high hopes. Well, maybe next time. On a side note, how many times did you stand at the front of the boat with your arms outstretched exclaiming "I'm the king of the world"? C'mon, admit it; you know you wanted to! Anyway, welcome home! Matt.

A picture from Eathan with a really cool picture of the ship! good job Eathan!

A picture of the ship and a sun from Audrey! Very nice!

Julia drew a U.S. Navy ship with uncle Joe on the dock. Love It!

Anna drew a pretty rainbow!

Uncle Joe,
Thank you for keeping our bodies safe. good night. goodbye Joe! ok. Love Sam

Sydney drew a pretty picture of three stars! Sydney to:Joe

Ok so this is another bad picture. Sandy and her family wrote:

Dear Joe,
Charizard called. He wants his smoking hot good looks back. Now that you're home, you might want to call him back. -David

Wassup, Soja boy? -Joshua

Welcome home Joe! We love you! -Sandy and Rebekah

How was real-life black ops, Rambo? Jacob
Ha ha, you guys are funny!

Welcome home Fluff! You are our hero. thanks for your service to keep us safe. -Joy
Joy drew a very nice picture of sailor Joe with buff arms from sailor work. ha ha

Dear Joe,
We welcome you home. We thank you for your service! The snow flakes even welcomed you last wed night. Good grief -9" in Oak Harbor! we were all glad you made it home safely. I just didn't know how your plane would even be able to land! Welcome home! Love, Mom.

Dear Joe, We're glad you're home. It must have been hard to be away from your family that whole time. Thanks for defending our country and stuff, soldier. And were glad you still have both of your hands. Love, Morgan and Ashley
The picture is Buster with one hand and a welcome home Joe sign. good Job guys, this one was a big laugh with Joe. ha ha

Thank You Everyone for making Joe feel loved and missed!

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