Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What is on my mind lately..

Random blog alert

I have lots on my mind

I am worried about a lot of things and my anxiety is through the roof right now about our future and the future of some close friends of ours but here are some things I am excited for:

The Sun
I wish it was sunny outside. I have been really wanting to go on a nice long hike lately. Joe and I bought a hiking backpack a couple years ago, we have only used it a couple times. Oak Harbor is the perfect place to live in the summer for fun outdoor activities, we have the ocean we can literally walk to and many places to hike.

Getting back to my diet
I have been lacking on my workouts and dieting. I have even gained a couple pounds.. It's hard to lose weight when its cold outside. I do have a new gym I can go to but by the time Joe gets home I am so tired and I would rather just go to bed. I guess I could just take the kids to the gym, there is a children's play room but I am doubtful that my kids will actually play and let me workout. Maybe I will take them today and test it out. Today I am back to losing weight and working out.

Free movies
The movie theatre on base plays FREE double features every Saturday! This weekend they are playing kid movies. Brady has never been to an actual movie theater so we might take them this weekend and see how they like it...if they scream and cry we can just go home, it's not like we will be wasting money.

Joe's gets time off and Brooke gets kidnapped
Joe is taking some time off from March 29th to April 10th. The thought of him taking all those days off makes me very happy! My best friend Brooke is taking a road trip with her mom and kids to come visit her dad in Everett, I plan on kidnapping her and her cute kids because the truth is, I am obsessed with those people. I kinda joke to Joe all the time that if I was a fundamentalist Mormon Brooke would be my sister wife. I wish we could live together..I would probably have a clean and nicely decorated home. I love Joe more than anything but I think it would be nice to have a wife. I guess what I really want is maid, someone to do laundry and to clean up after my messy kids.

Sounders Game
Joe and I are planning on going to a sounders game next month with our new friends John and Barb Kidd, I can't wait, I love soccer and I really love the Sounders. I especially love military discount tickets!

Mariner game
Joe's family usually goes to at least one Mariner game a season. Joe can also get discount military tickets. Going to a mariner game is fun but the funnest part for me is being around family. We are going to get tickets for next month.

Easter is coming up and I want to see that new Easter movie.

Alright, time to get back to my never-ending pile of laundry!


Brooke said...

LOL Mandy you are hilarious. I love the little entry about me. It made me laugh out loud. Can't WAIT to see you and your fam!!!!

Anonymous said...


I love your blog!!!

I've always wanted a wife too. Or even just a duplicate me.

I wish we were going to be in town for the Mariners game. Have fun.