Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend!

This past weekend was so fun! Brady went to his first Easter egg hunt at my moms community. It was really fun for him!

Many cute faces of Connor. He thought it was fun to watch brother find eggs.

After the egg hunt I went to my moms house and made a bunny cake.
Then got the kids ready for the Mariner game!
Brady was so excited to watch the game!

Honoring military appreciation night.
Sam Sam
Addy. So I kinda took a lot of pictures of Addy, that's because she is so stinking cute and because she was sitting right in front of me.
Many faces of Brady

Brady and Sam kissing haha.

We had to leave a little early from the game because our kids were starting to have some major meltdowns. It was a super fun night! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Sunday morning Brady woke up and found his basket. It took him a little bit to come upstairs because when I told him the Easter bunny came last night he said, "No way!" Brady is deathly afraid of the Easter Bunny, along with Santa, The Red Robin bird, or any person wearing a big fluffy costume.

After Church we had a big Easter dinner. It was fun to be surrounded by family and tons and tons of yummy food.
After dinner the kids played some games and had their last Easter egg hunt.
Hope you all had a great Easter!

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Ashley said...

those are some cute babies with a skinny mama!