Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I started to write a post the other night but I fell asleep writing it and I was going to delete it but now I am thinking I will post it. Think of it as an update...ok here it is:

It's 1:30 am and I am wide awake. WTP (what the poop)..I never have this problem.
Of course it has to happen on a night before I have to wake up with the kids.
Maybe I will just write about what has been on my mind lately.
Or maybe I will make it into a list.

*today was a fun day. Joe, the kids, and I went shopping at the south center mall and then had my family and friend Beth over to watch the Seahawks play.
We ate so much food but it all tasted amazing.

*every night Joe and I watch psych. Psych is one of our favorites...

Connor has been sober for about a week now, it was hard to wean him but I had to do it, he bites. It was so very important to me that I successfully nurse Connor, I didn't have such luck with Brady and it was devastating to me. When I was pregnant with Connor I was so worried I wouldn't be able to nurse him. Well he was a natural, thank goodness! So when it came time to stop nursing I was really sad, I thought once you stop he is a big boy and not my little baby. I have given a lot of thought about it, and lots of crying from the pain of "losing" my baby and not to mention the pain of those little stinks teeth, I have made the decision to stop. Its been a week and he is still my little baby and he still loves me. I say that 14 months of nursing was a success, a whole lot better than the three days I did with Brady. I am ok with Connor getting older. I realize that he will (hopefully) not be my last baby. There will be a larger age gap between Connor and my next baby. I am ok with waiting a couple years to have another baby. I think I will appreciate the little one even more. So for now, I am going to focus on helping my two boys grow and get out of diapers, I want a year or two of no diapers in my house. Let's see if we can do it!

ok now I am writing this is "real time"

Some other things on my mind:

Lately Joe and I have been looking for a house to rent. We just started this process so I have no idea if we will have any luck finding a place. I also have no idea when we will move out but what I do know is we want to find a place in the Auburn area or in any of the surrounding cities.

Joe starts school on the 19th. Time needs to speed up. The faster he starts the faster he gets his degree and hopefully hired. We want a lot of things (like a dog, car, dream house, no biggie) and we kinda need a good paying job to get them. So time please fly by!

Joe's sister Joy came to the house today with her two cute boys, Sam and Issac. Sam showed Brady how to go potty like a "big boy". Sam asked Brady to sit on the potty so Sam could see if Brady was a "big boy" too. Brady tried his hardest and went pee in the potty! We were so proud and he was sure proud of himself. I think I need to borrow Sam for a couple months so I can potty train Brady!

I am trying to find an activity or a craft to do to keep myself busy. With not having our own place and being surrounded by my sweet husband all day everudayI have found myself going insane from time to time. If anyone knows of any ideas please send me pictures of your cute crafts so I can copy you haha!

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