Sunday, August 7, 2011

Playing with Cousins

This week Brady and Connor have been playing with cousins from Utah and Renton, Wa. non stop this week. Today some more cousins from Oregon and Virginia are here. That's 17 little cousins running around, not including my two. Today we will have 14 adults and 19 kids (i think, my math might be off by a kid or two haha). Anyways, busy house this week. I will take lots more pictures!

Here are the kids at the M's game.

Sydney, Sam, Anna, and Brady

Connor, Syd, and Anna.

Connor and Grandma

Anna, Eathan, Sydney, Connor, and Brady at the park.

Anna, Syd, and Connor.

Connor and Elizabeth. I got to meet my cute little niece for the first time last week. She might just be the cutest little thing in this world.

Space museum.

Yes he did hit her right after I took the picture. Sorry Elizabeth.

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