Saturday, October 8, 2011

Live Healthy

I have lost a little over 40 pounds. That's after I lost my baby weight so I guess you can say I have lost 80 pounds in the last 15 and a half months (When I had Connor).
I was sick of not feeling good and I hated the way I looked.
I have been overweight pretty much since I got married 5 years ago
(I blame you, Joe! no just kidding).
When Joe went on deployment for the last time (9 months ago)I told myself I didn't want him to come back and still have his fat ugly wife.
So I started a life change.
I started slow by walking 30 to 45 minutes a day
eating healthy things like fruit..

and veggies...
After we got out of the navy I really picked up my weight loss.
Some ways were healthy.
and some were not.
I was stressed out and extremely depressed...
so I kinda stopped eating for a good month or so, and I know that's not ok.
but now I'm back, and I am working on my issues.
I walk/jog/run for an hour a day.
I only put healthy foods in my body and I actually feel great.
I eat a lot of veggie sandwiches.
I love them.

It's taken me years to figure this one out...

But I think I finally get it.
You can't crash diet.
you just simply can't.
I would urge any of you out there that might be overweight or maybe you just don't feel "good" because of what you are putting in your body and your lack of exercise to just do it.
make a lifestyle change and just do it!
the first two weeks are the hardest.
after that it becomes a habit.
You wont regret it, I don't.
I wont lie, It was hard.
Really hard.
Because It was so hard makes me even more proud of what I have done.

I still want to lose 10-15 pounds so I am going to hold off on posting an "after" picture until I get to my goal weight, hopefully I can get to that soon!

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CarleeLovesMINI said...

Proud of you, Mandy! :)