Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Grandma Bell"

My Grandma passed away yesterday. I guess she fell and broke her leg, her kidneys shut down, and half her heart stopped pumping. She was in the ICU for a couple weeks and they sent her back to the nursing home when nothing could be done. I pray that she went peacefully and I am praying for comfort for my grandpa. She was my grandpa's whole world. She is my moms step-mom. I don't see her as a "step" grandma. I have only met my moms "real" mom once. She has never been present in my life and I don't consider her my grandma. MaryLou (my step-grandma) has always been my grandma, She was the one I would run to every year on our Idaho trips and say "hi grandma", and "I love you Grandma". I have lots of fun memories of my cousins and I playing at my grandparents down stairs and we seemed to get into trouble constantly but it was fun. The last time I saw her was in July of this year and she wasn't doing well at all. I honestly didn't think that would be the last time I was going to see her and really wish I could have given her one more hug and kiss and told her that I love her.

Today my Dad, Mom, sister, and I are driving to Moscow to spend the night and help my cousin Mindi and her two cute girls drive to Rexburg, Id. The funeral is on Tuesday, which is good because I can't bring my boys because there isn't room in the car and I don't want to be away from them for too long. Joe has school and I feel bad when people have to watch my kids (Connor is quite the screamer these days) Anyways, it will be nice to see my family again and to give love and support to my grieving Grandpa.

I'm really glad we got some pictures with my grandma and Grandpa. These are from summer of 2010. Connor was only 5 weeks old. Brady was 19 months.

We all got to see her in July of this year and got some pictures done. This is the Bell family. I am glad we got to see her one last time.

Rest in peace Grandma.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Mandy. :(

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and your family. Drive safely.

Lance and Mandi said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! Those grandmas have a special place in our hearts.

joy said...

I'm so sorry!