Friday, December 2, 2011

I love December!

I am sitting here thinking about how much I love Decembers and this December is going to be a special one! Here is why:

We are thinking of going to Snoqualmie and playing in the snow. I have great memories going with my parents and sliding down huge hills in a tube. I don't know when we will do this but I hope it's soon.

Joe has finals next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday then he is done for a month! yay!

I might be going to Yakima next weekend. Not for anything fun, it will be quite draining actually (emotionally) but I will be getting free food and I will get a much needed break from the kids and the puppy.

Brady boy is turning 3 on the 15th! I can't believe I have an almost three year old!

Randy and Alicia will be coming into town on the 16th! I really miss them and their cute boys!

Morgan and Ashley are also coming! They come on the 17th. I'm exited to see her big belly full of little girl sweetness. I am also excited to have some adult party time with the family that night too!

On the 18th I am throwing Brady a spiderman birthday party. I am excited for this. Especially because we are making Cafe Rio. yum.

participating in our annual tradition of making Christmas sugar cookies and funny decorated shirts!

And of course I am excited for x-mas eve and Christmas!