Monday, April 16, 2012


Joe drove to the Hilton hotel by seatac airport this morning to take the DREADED at-sat test. Let me tell you about this test. It is pretty much an I.Q. test that the FAA gives everyone to see if they have the right "mindset" of an Air Traffic Controller. If he doesn't do so well he can re-take the test in a year to three years, depending on your score. Why is this so scary to me? I have little kids and we don't have three years for joe to get hired. This test directly effects the future of our family. I have faith that Joe will pass it, but it still is scary! We have been told by a couple controllers that joe has the perfect mindset for being a controller because he has a great ability to multitask. I really don't know how he does it. He can be "saving the Galaxy" on his x-box machine,as he puts it, and have a full on conversation with everyone in the room. That really what controllers have to do. His (hopefully) future job is one big video game ( but this game actually has people's lives at stake). Anyways, I know joe will be fine. He started the test at 7:30 and I have no clue when he will get the results back!

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Alicia Johnson said...

Good luck Joe! I'm sure you'll do great.