Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Joe's test results!

Joe called me today from class and he says, " I got my results from the test and the good news is that I can re-take the test in a year." I said ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? And then he said "nope, I got a 96!"

I was upset that he tricked me but I should have known it was a trick, he's always tricking me.

Anyways, a 96 is a great score, good job hun!

We also heard that he might be getting 5 extra points for being a veteran, we will see if that is true or not. A 101% would be nice!


Lance and Mandi said...

Holy cow!! Nice job Joe!

Lance and Mandi said...
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The Stuarts said...

way to go joe! haha but booo on the joke ;) she probably had a mild heart attack!

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