Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ellie Maurine

«Ellie Maurine»

» Ellie is almost 10 months (on the 26th)

» she LOVES when I sing "patty cake". She tries to clap and she can "roll it".

» has two teeth

»nursing still

» her favorite person is her mama, I know this will change so I'm trying to enjoy it now.

» she can eat all day. She has tried most fruits and vegetables.

» wears size 12mo

» she has started to dance when music is on! Super cute.

» she doesn't like it when her mom dresser up like a doll most days. (That's what you get for being born after two boys)

» she takes two naps a day

» loves dolls!

» loves to wrestle with her daddy and brothers!

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