Thursday, December 19, 2013

Joe & Mandy

Joe and I have had a big year. We had Ellie last February, Joe got hired with u-haul, moved out of his parents, moved into a beautiful rental home (thanks to Joe's mom, tha), and have been super busy with life with three kids!

Mandy is busy with being a stay at home mom and a preschool teacher for Brady's co-op preschool group. She spends most of her time with family and friends! 
(Ok that was weird typing in third person)

Joe works everyday as an area manager for u-haul. 
Every Friday night be brings home a movie rental for our weekly movie night. Joe loves his kids and is pretty much obsessed with his wife. (Hehe) Joe loves to watch sports and  wrestle with his kids!

We just recently found out that they are hiring air traffic controllers in February so hopefully he will get hired soon so we can get on with the newest adventure in our lives!

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