Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brady's First Potty

Today I was in Wal-mart and I was just looking in the baby section and I saw this little potty and thought what the heck, he might use it! I brought it home, sat him on it, then turned on the water to see if that will make him want to pee. After about a minute of sitting there he got excited and jumped up! I looked and saw a puddle at the bottom of the potty. I am so proud of my little tinkler!

Sorry if that is discusting! I was so proud of him, I had to take a picture of his pee! haha


Casey said...

Hooray for Brady!

Joy Chantry said...

Wow! Great work!

If Brady beats Sam I'll be so ticked. Sam has a really bad attitude about going in the toilet. He so doesn't care. Stinker.