Friday, April 16, 2010

takes after mom

Most of you know that soccer was my life growing up. I played from ages 5-19. When I got pregnant with Brady one of the first things I thought of was I'm going to put him in soccer when he is two! I don't know when we will put him in soccer (Joe isn't a fan of boys playing soccer) but I have been trying to teach him early. I have plans for him to play pro for the USA team, so I think it's a perfect time to start teaching him. : ) Here is the future soccer stud playing in the backyard!

Here is a look into the past. this picture makes me really want to play soccer again. I am the tall one third from the right. Maybe after I have this little one I can get into shape and join a team.
I love soccer.


Casey said...

I think you should totally join a team. That would be so fun!

Brady is an adorable future soccer star. :)

Joy Chantry said...

super cute! I love how he's totally trying to kick the soccer ball that's in your neighbor's yard.