Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am just posting this picture because a few things have been bothering me tonight.

1. Brady NEVER looks at the camera, it drives me crazy!

2. My kids never have pants on, I'm lucky if I can keep Brady's diaper on. When did he figure out how to take off his pants?

3. Can someone tell Joe to stop trying ( notice the word trying?) to grow a stash. It's three different colors and has multiple bald spots. Apparently there is a contest at work, I don't believe it.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! Love your list. My boys never have pants on either. And Henry is always missing one sock. When we are in the car he'll take off his shoe and hide his sock and then put his shoe back on. It was a little embarrassing at the dentist this morning...

LeGrand, Alicia, Wesley and Fredrick said...

So funny! That is a great picture. What are we going to do with all these boys! We are outnumbered. We'd better get girls next!