Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Hopes and Dreams...

I was doing some more blog-stalking and I was reading my friend from HS blog named Kari (Who is preggers now, Congrats!). She made a list of 100 things she wants to do before she dies. It got me thinking about what I want to accomplish in my life.Here is me copying Kari because she is inspires me and here are my 50 hopes and dreams:

1. Own my own bakery.

2. Have a large family. (Joe wants 3-4 kids. I think 4-5 would be better.)

3. Coach for my children soccer teams.

4. Run a half marathon.

5. Adopt a child. (a little girl from China)

6. Learn how to read music.

7. Learn to play the piano.

8. Have a baby girl.

9.Go rock climbing.

10. Go on a cruise.

11. lose 45 pounds.

12. Visit The Smithsonian Museums in Washington, DC.

13. Stop worrying about things which are not within my control.

14. Get a college degree.

15. Go to pastry school.

16.Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter.

17. Go Green.

18. Be a vegetarian.

19. Save animals.

20.Write a cookbook.

21.Charter a yacht.

22.Learn to ski.

23.Swim with dolphins.

24. Go whale watching.

25.Go on safari.

26. Own a house by a lake or ocean.

27. have a huge pantry fully stocked with emergency food items.

28. Take up yoga.

29. Try Hot yoga.

30. See the Nutcracker.

31. Spend New Years Eve in the Spaceneedle.

32. Try oysters.

33. Try gumbo in New Orleans.

34.Shop on Rodeo Drive.

35. Spend a day at a spa.

36. learn how to sew.

37. Sew clothing for me and my family.

38. Visit Ireland.

39. Climb Mt. Rainer.

40. Learn how to Surf.

41. Go to a soccer game in a different country.

42. Go to a play house and watch a play.

43. pay off all of our debt.

44. exercise 4-6 times a week.

45. have my own booth at a farmers market (baked goods)

46. Join a women soccer team.

47. Be more organized.

48. Take my kids to Disney World.

49. Have lots of Grandchildren.

50. Live a long and healthy life with my husband.

I have 80 years to get all this done. Ready, set, go!


Anonymous said...

I love what you want to do! I wish I lived near you and I'd join you in some of the easier goals. (I'd cheer you on in the harder ones.)

The church has a new program, Pathways, where you can get your degree on-line through BYU-Idaho. It's only offered in limited places right now like Auburn, Tacoma, Spokane. You have to be between 18 and 30 for now, but it's a much cheaper way to get a college degree. Keep your eyes out. I think the plan is to extend it to other areas and open it up to older students as well.


Stuarts said...

love it <3 :)

Kari said...

Mandy, you are so super sweet :) You have to come to my baby shower, okay? I don't know when that will be, but you'll have to be there! Anyway, I loved your list. After reading it, it made me want to add more things to mine. I hope you have a little girl next. If Brady and Connor are so cute, I can only imagine how darling a little girl would be! Oh, and I just scrolled dawn and saw the pictures you took with Connor the other precious! You look great :)