Saturday, February 19, 2011

This is the only pic I could find of me before. Gross.

I'm not happy about the way I look yet but I am getting there. Here is a pic of me today

Mallory and I

I have lost 6 inches from my stomach! The total is 24 pounds so far..I'm not done losing weight, I still want to lose 20 more pounds. I will post more pictures for every ten pounds I lose.

What I have been doing for the past three weeks:
- run/walk for an hour a day
- stomach and leg workouts at home
- drink lots of water
- no eating after 7
- eat four meals a day so I don't ever feel hungry, I probably eat more than an average person on a diet because i am nursing Connor. Hopefully it will be easier to lose weight when i am done nursing.


perfectlycrazy said...

You look AMAZING. Just saying.

LeGrand, Alicia, Wesley and Fredrick said...

You look hot. I'm jealous! I'm still puffy from nursing. I do not look hot :(

Ashley said...

hmm...i thought randy posted that last comment at first. and that was weird.

Melissa said...

You look great Mandy!! Isn't that the best feeling!

Emily said...

That's awesome! You look great, Mandy!